In light of the Earth Charter principles, we support the global value shift towards a secure and sustainable future by working on environmental projects with communities and businesses. We believe in a safe, secure and sustainable future for all and work continuously on making a green impact on our planet. Since our inception in 2007, we have worked on both global and national projects.

Project Green 21 – Empowering companies to become greener

Funded by the European LIFE+ program, we developed a series of tools to companies within 11 different topics. The aim is to empower companies to have an environmental friendly approach and at the same time being commercially attractive. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Confederation of Danish Industries, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and University of Aalborg. Have a look at the tools at

Project Rift Valley, Kenya (in cooperation with Green Cross Sweden) 

We worked together with Green Cross Sweden who has a cooperation with the Green Belt Movement led by the late Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai in Kenya. The Rift Valley is located in Kenya in area that has experienced conflicts for many years.  We raised funding for activities in the area, which included education about the effects of conflicts on the community, tree planting and plant schools.